metro Tankhaus, Teufelsberg Berlin (D)

Tankhaus als Tarnung für Notausgang der U-Bahnstation “Wehrtechnische Fakultät” unter dem Teufelsberg

Markus Wetzel

4th of november 2011:

I’m part of Greg Sholettes “The Imaginary Archive” at the 126 gallery in Galway, Ireland

1997 – 2011

3rd of December 1997 Markus Wetzel took over Mutton Island –which is situated a bit south of Galway– and started with his projects, which involved renovating, organizing a residency in a more or less fictitious way. This project is still ongoing and he would love to visit Mutton Island again.

The cottage inside

October 1998

Nature and Money

with “Real Island (Mutton Island)

11. Nov. – 23. Dez. 1990

Markus Wetzel

First time visiting the island

6th of March 1999

Neue Aspekte zur Geschichte im Kesslerloch

Ernte11, Museum zu Allerheiligen Schaffausen

Loeliger & Strub Architekten

Weststrasse 20, 8004 Zürich

The staircase at the West Street 20 in Zurich was left in a raw state, thereby a budget for an art intervention became available. Thoughts of resources and expenses that are nowadays invested in architectural surfaces and the attempt to find pictures are foundations of this work.


eingeladener Wettbewerb der Stadt Bern

2. Preis


Geben und Nehmen – Nachbarschaft!


Wohnsiedlung Kronenwiese in Zürich-Unterstrass

Wettbewerb Endrunde nach Präqualifikation

Stadt Zürich

Herzliche Gratulation zu “Kunsthalle"

Opening 19th of February 7pm

Exhibition 20th of February to 20th of march 2016

Would be nice to see you there!