Markus Wetzel

round the world

(with Markus Weiss)


Schule Unterägeri, CH

Competition 1. Prize

Installation: Two sculptures similar to each other are each placed on the opposite sides of the world. One is placed in Unterägeri, in front of the new building of the school and the other one is placed on the bottom of the ocean in the South Pacific

In the school building there will be documentation material such as photos, wallpaper, satellite images and a showcase explaining the entire project.

Sculpture in Unterägeri:

_buoy 4m hight 2.5m ø

_frog, bronze sculpture

_mermaid, bronze sculpture

_8m hight pole with marking point

47° 8 ́ north / 8° 35 ́ east

Google Map of Unterägeri

47°8 ́ south / 171°25 ́ west

Map of the south Pacific / New Zealand

Skulpture in the south Pacific:

_mermaid, bronze sculpture

_safe with wishes from the people in Unterägeri _pocketknife, map from Unterägeri

_red buoy











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