Markus Wetzel

My youth bonus is now probably used up, where to go is still open!

Vegetarian Trophy – (wooden root)


(found during un-loading a truck with my brother 8/21/2008 in a dark corner in the depot from the company Traum Gärten GmbH in Schlosswil Switzerland) Origin: Serengeti, Africa,

Size: 40 x 50 x 20cm

Price: Fr. 1800.- ($ 1800.-)

I should have brought three roots from the depot for a flowerbed, which should be planted beside the street near the station of Konolfingen. As I took the one root out of the darkness it was clear immediately that it belongs to the “Jugendbonusprojekt” (youth bonus project) and that it would work perfectly as part of the trophies series. In the half-darkness of the attic like space I was seeing myself holding the head of a bear, a kind of a koala bear or a grim mien with a hole in my hands. Later I heard that this root was sold through the Aquarium Center in Thun and it was imported from Serengeti in Africa. The price is counted per weight (CHF 15.-/Kg). That means my brother, a partner of the Traum Gärten GmbH bought it for CHF 111.- (7.4Kg). When I told him that I would like to put it in my show and asked how much he wanted for it, he said I could just take it.

My Jacket


(bought in New York at Costume National) Made in Italy,

Size: 48

Price: $ 500.-

My ex-girlfriend is a big fan of the designer Costume National and gave me for my purchase of this jacked –which is by the way now my favorite jacket– very wise advise.

It’s not easy for me to leave it here in Thun. After the show it will be sent back to me in New York. Of course, just if it doesn’t sell –which I somehow hope it will, but in the other hand not at all!